Wednesday, 9 January 2013

It's gonna be a good good year!

Ten days into the New Year and no blog post?! Chee chee. Well that’s what happens when you have a job and all. Sigh.

But I gotta good good feeling about this year. Once I get used to writing 2013, all will be well. Maybe because unlike others, 13 has always been lucky for me. Or perhaps because 2013 adds up to 6, an even number. Either way, win-win!

The New Year started with a bang, with me hosting one of the most fun parties in a while. I was surrounded with the people I love, the people they love and the people those people love too. In short, I knew very few of the guests before that night and yet had a complete blast! And this was after I spent a wonderful Christmas with my bestie and her family in Goa, with her mom feeding us silly, and me picking up a few Goan recipes (perhaps to impress a certain other mother *wink wink*).

This blast-ful New Year’s Eve was followed up by a loud and crazy visit from my ACJ friends. Ten girls in one apartment—need I say more? But in short, they all loved Bombay, something that us Bombay folk, felt strangely proud of. Yes, I am now of the Bombay folk. I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or bad.

And soon, once I can swim out of the sea of work I’m drowning in long enough to escape, I go home! Yes, mere yaar ki shaadi is almost here! Super excited about seeing my fams, eating home food, and doing lots of work at this wedding (yes, I am the Best Woman, as it were, and I have been warned that I may lose a few kilos during those days). The first one of my school gang is going down and this is big! The best part—he’s so happy and so in love that it almost restores my faith in humanity, soulmates, the universe etc. More on this special union (yes, I’m cheesy) once I’m back.

I have decided that this year is going to be the year of reckoning for me. I like the way that sounds so it may or may not be true.  But I have decided, or rather redecided, since I’ve decided this again, that this year I’m going to make things happen. I’m going try and fix things that are not right in my life, including friendships, relationships, my finances, my goals, etc. And, in case I see that anything is beyond repair, I will let that go with grace (that is, as much grace I can muster). I know how hard that is for me to do, but I’m going to do it. Since I’m usually an emo mess, the friendship/relationship bit may be the focal point. If it’s a long-standing friendship, I will fight tooth and nail to save it. If the person truly doesn’t want me in his/her life anymore, I will let him/her go—no hard feelings. If I’m meant to be with certain someone, I will make it work. If not, then maybe it is truly time to let go and move on. But I will be positive, and I will try and make those things that I want, happen. SPARTA.

Choices or destiny—it’s a little bit of both. My destiny depends on the choices I make, and the choices I make depend on the direction destiny has taken me. But I refuse to blame this year for anything. I can feel it in my bones that it’s gonna be a good one. And I’m also trying to convince people around me of the same—I’ve become quite the champion for this year!

I truly hope and wish this year is better for everyone, whether I know you or not, because God knows we need one. But work a little harder, love a little more, smile a little wider and hug a little tighter—just try it and see. It might not work, but then again, it just might and you might just end up having the best year of your life.  

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  1. It's been a hard 2012. Better than 2011, but that's not saying much, I suppose. I should talk to you more often; I need more people to hold me accountable this year. But I'll try and take your advice, other than the loving bit. Love gets complicated when you're all SPARTA.

    Happy new year. Miss you!