Thursday, 21 April 2016

Fashion fix

As I have oh-so-vociferously reiterated, I am unemployed. Among many other things of crap that this brings with it, one is that I don't get to dress up on a daily basis. While I do take great care in picking out outfits, complete with accessories and the right shoes, for the weekend, on any given weekday, I'm in my home clothes (read: baggy t-shirts, tattered shorts, ill-fitted dress nighties, no bra) all day long. At best, I'll slip into my workout clothes (which are not nearly as attractive as the ones you see on Instagram) for a couple of hours and then I'm back to being a bum.

My interest in fashion, buying new clothes and putting together outfits came back only in the last six or eight months. Before that, I had put on so much weight, thanks to my PCOD, that I was physically uncomfortable in my body. I would only dress in dull, baggy clothes to cover up the bulges.

I had to work tres hard to lose *some* of the weight, but my confidence slowly started coming back as did my desire to dress well. This further piqued when I moved here (thank you, H&M), so I thought I'd share some of my weekend looks here. Now, unfortunately I don't have a photographer tailing me, so I have to make do with mirror selfies :-/ Not a pro fashion blogger, you see. But here they are anyway.

The first weekend after I moved here, we went to Abu Dhabi. This is what I wore for the night out.
Dress: Forever 21
Shrug: Hill Road, Bombay (single tear rolls down, sniff)

I turned 30 in this country so we went out and partied! I had bought this dress months ago and figured this was occasion-appropriate.
Dress: Fab Alley
Shoes: Aldo
Lips: M.A.C.

I went to meet a friend from Bombay and then went shopping with the husband in this one.
Top: Bershka
Palazzos: Westside Stores
Bag: Zara

Taste of Dubai was such a fun experience! I channeled *festival feels* in this outfit.
Skirt: Forever 21
Sneakers; Rubi Shoes
Neckpiece: Thrifted from New Market, Calcutta

Bestie was in town from Bombay so, of course, we went out. It happened to be St Paddy's day so this was my attempt at
a touch of green.
Top: Veronica, Hill Road, Bombay
Skirt: Forever 21
Bag: Zara
Shoes (unseen): Charles & Keith
Lips: M.A.C.

We went to Umm-Al-Quwain one weekend for a birthday party. I'm just too cool for school.
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Hill Road, Bombay
Shades: Jack & Jones
Neckpiece: gifted

Easter means Mass followed by yummy food. Do I look like a good lil Church-going girl?
Dress: Bangkok
Shrug: Thrifted from Hill Road, Bombay
Earrings: Aquamarine

The first and only match we went to watch during the T20 World Cup, India lost. Sigh.
Pants: Thrifted from Hill Road, Bombay
Chappals: Thrifted from Hill Road, Bombay
Earrings: Sienna Store, Calcutta
We went to watch a super-fun play called 'Radio Dekkh'. Fun and casual!
Top and skirt: Bershka
Shoes: Cotton On, Singapore

The husband and I celebrate our anniversary on the day we got married in court. You know, to appease both our religions. This was for the big anniversary date night.
Dress: Anita Dongre
Shoes: Aldo
Neckpiece: Accessorize India

My friend's parents invited us for dinner and took us for yummy Lebanese food. Slurp. 
Skirt: Bershka

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