Monday, 18 March 2013

Happy birthday, Procrastinator!

So March 21 is my first blog’s first happy budday! Wow, a year passed by fast, and I’ve been a *fairly* regular blogger. I said fairly! But there are tons of things I learnt in this last year, via this blog and otherwise. Here are some. Oh! And my blog has crossed 5000 hits! I know that might be a piddly number for some other famous, cool, writer kind of bloggers, but for me, this is big! Back to the list. 

·         People actually read what I write. And even wait for my posts. :-o
·         I truly am a procrastinator. I procrastinate on everything. Sigh.
·         I throw some kickass parties.
·         No matter what, your girls are always there for you. A hearty laugh with them can cure many a heartache.
·         Change is the only constant in life. Relationships change, feelings change, equations change, you change. Not all change is bad. Sometimes, embracing change is good. It opens up new metaphorical doors and all that. Sometimes it’ll open up a new physical door too, like the one to a new apartment or a new job.
·         When a man starts chatting you up five minutes into meeting you, in person or via some sort of technological communication device, chances are that he’s trying to get into your pants. On learning that you are not interested / available, chances are that he will disappear. If he doesn’t, then he’s a good man and you should stay friends with him.
·         Even the tightest, most intimate friendships can develop cracks in them. These are the ones you have to fight for the most, try the hardest with, and will be the most awkward with.
·         Never take anyone in your life for granted—not your partner, friend or family. It’s important to keep making the people in your life feel special. It doesn’t cost anything.
·         Family is extremely important, no matter how dysfunctional yours may be. They will stand by you through it all. The moments you spend with them are priceless.
·         As important, if not more, is the family you choose outside your blood relations. They don’t have to, but they still do. That speaks volumes.
·         The one thing that binds people together, across religion, sex, cast, creed and other such stereotypical demographics is love, and generally, matters of the heart—relationships, break-ups, sex, etc.
·         Marriages and relationships will shatter all over the place, all the time. Do not judge your own relationship on the basis of that.
·         No matter how long ago you’ve lost a loved one, the pain never reduces, the wound never heals. You will still find yourself tearing up randomly on a regular basis.
·         There will be some people (read: friends) who will surprise you with their selfishness and insensitivity. Sometimes, it’s all about them or nothing at all.
·         There will also be a whole lot of people who will surprise you with their loyalty and love, over years and decades. Hold on to these people for dear life.
·         Love is not what they show in Hindi movies. Neither are break-ups or make-ups. There are no Hindi sad songs playing in the background. Everyone’s story is different and yet we all connect. Don’t expect the romance to be alive, day in, day out, year in, year out. But if, even after being together for two years or more, you can look at the person googly-eyed and wonder how you love this person so, consider yourself lucky.
·         Online shopping is evil. It’s so wonderful that it’s awful. Don’t succumb; it’s too late for me.
·         If reading is not one of your habits, you’re seriously losing out—books, online, anything. In the past year I’ve discovered that I can read anything—anything.
·         Having siblings is THE best. Nothing beats that bond.
·         A mother’s intuition is never wrong. Beware.
·       My father reads my blog, pretty regularly. My chats with him are always entertaining, in person or online. It’s a quirky relationship.
·         Being a woman in this country sucks. And it’s unlikely to ever get better. Excuse the pessimism.
·         No matter how forward and open-minded you are / want to be, you find yourself succumbing to peer / societal pressures. It just makes life easier sometimes.
·         I am not as ambitious, passionate or driven as I used to be. And that depresses the life out of me.
·         Whatsapp is awesome.
·         Holidays, weekend getaways, days off, are all underrated. Not that I’m getting or have gotten in the last year, much of any.
·    Life is never as awful or dramatic as it is in your head. Live a little; fun will become :) 

      So there. I’m pretty sure I’ve learnt a lot more, but my memory fails me with my age. Feel free to add more to the list! Waiting to learn some more nuggets. (Oh yea, chicken nuggets rock.)



  2. yay!!! happy bday, procrastinator. X

  3. Here's one more:

    Ninny IS a word (

  4. Y U No invite me to your awesome parties> :/

  5. And yes, I do wait for your posts! Here's to many more years of fun, honest and totally relatable posts! xx