Thursday, 20 December 2012

Rape punishment? Oh puh-leez!

What is the big deal about this Delhi gang rape? I mean, it’s just one more girl who has been assaulted, physically and emotionally. Look around, these things are happening in our country ALL THE TIME. We will protest, be angry in our statuses and blogs for a few days, the news channels will piss us off a little more, sympathy will be garnered for a week, and then life will go back to normal.

The news channels, as they already are, will go back to reporting on far more important things, such as the Gujarat elections. We will go back to our far more important lives, which includes planning our Christmas and New Year’s parties. Will we not go out for a drink this evening because of this, and the other innumerable incidents of a similar nature? Nope. We may discuss the issue and tsk at it for a while, before quickly moving on to far more pressing personal issues—boyfriend problems (I didn’t say girlfriends because boys rarely discuss their love-life problems) and who’s the bitch at work.

We will wake up the next morning and go back to work and do what we do every day, and soon, this 23-year-old medical student will be long forgotten. Just like Pallavi Puryakayshta has been along with the various girls in Haryana, who get brutally raped, humiliated and killed every day. They’re too far off—some random women the media is creating hype about. I mean, why would any of this bother me. More importantly, why would any of this bother the democratic government that we voted into power? Oh puh-leez! Be realistic.

I have better things to do than sign petitions and light candles for some girl who is dying a slow, painful death in a hospital in Delhi. Besides, the doctor said she has an indomitable spirit. I mean that’s good enough, right? She and her broken, shredded body and soul will figure it out. Just like the other rape victims, dead or alive, and their families, magically figured it all out—obviously, since we haven’t heard about them at all anymore.

Please let’s not waste our energy and space on our facebook walls to show the world just how much we care. We would rather post photos of our winter vacations. In fact, soon I’ll be blogging about my trip to Goa.

Let’s just continue with our lives, as everyone does, and ladies, take the advice of our leaders and try not to get raped ok? Because it is your fault for dressing provocatively; being out late; mixing with men too freely, etc. So pull up your socks, till your neck, preferably.

As long as it isn’t me, or someone I love getting raped, I’ll just stop at clucking and writing a bbm status about how justice has died in this country we live in. And then will change it quickly to tell mah frenz where I’m drinking tonight.

All this continues and will continue while this girl—a 23-year-old medical student(younger than I am)—suffers silently in pain and tears in one corner of Delhi. Slowly she will suffer till she will have no breath left in her. She will die and someone else will get raped and killed, and life will just go on and on. 


  1. Do you know who was the first rapist(reported rapist)? INDRA - the king of DEVTAS and the victim was AHILLYA - wife of Rishi Gautam .The point is what the society did then ; unfortunately as it is now days , it out -casted the victim who was abandoned even by her husband and the victim suffered in isolation - almost turned stony - devoid of all human virtues . We do claim of progress socially , economically and spiritually but i fear we are still living in that stone age where raw flesh was normal food for the society . Many people will come-up with lot many reasons on insecurity of women and violence against them , the fact remains that run for the money is increasingly effecting social behavior and potential victims are compelled to move out of safe n secured environment of home (mostly) and family as it is really difficult for young people to stay in big cities , where the livelihood is there and cost of living is prohibitively high. Also uncultured ignorant young men leave remote villages in search of jobs and migrate to big - cities where they can neither afford to keep a family nor bear the cost of going for paid sex (unless they decide to hump their cousins) . Addressing this problem cosmetically will not be of much use , we have to realize that uneven growth , be it on a body or in a nation , is often the cause of tumor ; if corrective measures are not taken up timely there is every likelihood of this menace turn malignant .

    1. I think it's too late for that. Malignant it already is.