Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Foodie much

It’s been a while since I last posted. I can’t decide whether I’ve genuinely been that busy or that since the sorrow in my life has reduced, I’m lacking inspiration. Hmm. Work has been crazy. Sending a magazine to print pretty much on your own is a rather Herculean task, if I do say so myself. But I can’t say that I don’t enjoy it, stress et al. And yes, the gut-wrenching pain is on its way out – most of you know why. J

This post is about food. My sister, a total foodie, asked me a while ago to write about food. And now I feel like this would be bang-on appropriate because all I think about nowadays is yum non-vegetarian food. It’s not that my consumption of food has increased greatly, though in my eyes my waistline is constantly expanding. But all day, every day I think “What will I eat today? I am hungry. What yumness can I consume today?” I’m beginning to think I may have a problem. Oh well, we all do, don’t we?

Nowadays, I mostly think about chicken-curry-and-rice kind of meals. Blame it on the Bong in me. My friend recently told me that I eat rice like a chaashi (villager/farmer). After initially feeling insulted, I realised this was, in fact, true, especially on Sunday afternoons. And I’m no longer ashamed of it.

The last really good meal I had (that I can recall) was at Jumjoji, the new-ish Parsi restaurant in Bandra. There was chicken and there was rice – what else do I need? The flavours were distinctly bawa and my company was great too. Hence a wonderful meal.

I’ve also been craving Goan food lately – like the oily Goan Sausages, or Chicken Cafreal – with rice of course! The plan currently stands at visiting Goa Portugesa soon, not sure when though but it must be soon.

I’ve also been suggested this Kashmiri restaurant called Poush, though I have been warned, in the same breath, that the food will be spicy. Ah, what the hell; I’m willing to take the risk.

Oh oh oh! Arsalan, Kolkata’s awesomely famous biriyani place has opened in Bombay and made me a very happy camper. Though the restaurant itself is way too swanky, the food is just like home – to die for. That is the other last memorable meal I had – Chicken Biriyani a la Kolkata, Mutton Chanp and Reshmi Kebab. Slurp.

My sister is coming home after five years this August. We both intend to eat a lot, so I must find the best places for us to visit, gorge on and thereby get fatter. So, if you have any suggestions, please feel free!

And let’s go for dinner sometime, shall we? ;)


  1. Well well well... Kemon aachis, and all that jazz. This is a conversation you and me should be having at length. Let's meet over dinner sometime?

  2. Haha, absolutely. See, now this was the point of this post :) Let us to be meeting, greeting and eating soon! xx

  3. Dude... your sister and you should totally try Kakori House at Mahim, it's got the best ki-bobs in town! and yes, they're non-vegetarian and have been recommended by staunch meat-eaters. They only serve kebabs though, so no rice for you :(

  4. There's a Kakori House at Oshiwara (opp. Sammy Sosa) that serves some of the yummmmieesttt kebabs, and rice too!

  5. Thanks guys! Will definitely try these out! :D