Thursday, 19 April 2012

I should be so lucky...

If you’ve grown up in the 1990s or have older siblings, then you have probably heard Kylie Minogue’s happy song “I should be so lucky in love”. I’ve loved this song ever since I was a kid. Thanks to my sister, I was exposed to all sorts of interesting international music from a young age (remember Informer?). In fact, I still love this song. I have no faith in its lyrics, but nonetheless.

However, I do feel lucky in friendship. My oldest friends are my three besties from when we were about six years old and about two feet tall. The years have rolled by, the heights have barely changed, but we still remain ‘The Fantastic Four”. The other day a friend of mine was asking, “How are you still in touch with your school friends?” Well, I guess I’m just lucky.

We all enjoy hanging out with friends to laugh, party, eat and drink. But it’s only when you are at your lowest low that you find out how lucky (or not) you are to have these friends. While I go through a difficult phase in my life, I have friends from all over the world calling and mailing me to check up on me. I opened my eyes this morning to an email from a friend I haven’t seen in over two years. And yet, her name popped up in my inbox when I’m having trouble.

I am truly lucky. I have friends who have become so close that they are now family. I also have a family who I have chosen to be friends with – my sister and my mother (the fights et al).

The funny thing is, we’re all looking for companionship, for that soulmate who will finally get us and never let us go. And the truth also is, that someday they will let us go. You can never really know what a person is like. They weren’t kidding when they said that it takes a lifetime to get to know someone; forever to earn someone’s trust and just a moment to break it. But the truth is, we already have so many companions and soulmates in our friends and family – people who will drop everything and rush to your side just to hear you rant or wipe the snot off your nose while you’re bawling away. Or even come out drinking with you to give you company, even though he or she may not even consume a sip since it’s Lent.

The truth is, boys and girls will come and go, but friends will stay rooted to the spot. I’ve realised it’s much easier to break a heart and be cruel to someone you once were in love with than give up on a solid friendship. You fight, scream and cry, and then go out drinking again. And what’s even funnier is that I’m sure my guy friends have broken hearts too, but when it’s my heart that’s been broken, they’d like to break a jaw.

I may not be lucky in love. But I sure as hell am lucky with friends. And the number of views I get on my ranting-much blog is testament to that. I love Kylie Minogue. I want to dance with her and all my besties in colourful tights and striped, oversized shirts. 

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